By remedying any problem of a power outage, or, in general, the absence of lighting, the photoluminescent products are visible in all circumstances, ensuring safety even in an emergency situation.

Prada Plates specializes in the creation of photoluminescent products, which are mainly used in the maritime and industrial sectors.

The production of all standard signs meets the latest IMO and ISO requirements for the indication of safe evacuation routes, exits, fire and rescue equipment, and all texts to comply with the company’s ISM code. By combining different materials with print and cut/engrave technologies, Prada Plates offers tailor-made productions to meet all customer needs.
The photoluminescent signage can be digitally or silkscreen printed on rigid (plates and signs) or flexible (adhesive signs and low position lights) materials, and they can be hand, milled, or laser-cut so you can choose infinite shapes and sizes.

Photoluminescent Products

Photoluminescent Products

The advantages of photoluminescent tags are:

  • Security: indicate the nearest emergency exit to facilitate evacuation
  • Rechargeability: automatically recharges when exposed to light
  • High Visibility: even in smoky conditions
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Long Duration
  • Convenience

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