Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide full service, starting from a raw product to obtaining a final solution. We exponentially grew with digital printing to satisfy the new industry’s requests.

Our Vision is to offer quality products that anticipate and satisfy the wishes and needs of our customers, with a particular drive towards the maritime sector. As part of Caim Group, we guarantee an international presence, a network of long-established loyalized, and a consolidated experience in the ship-providing sector.
We are always at your side, from new building to refurbishment, providing “end-to-end” control of the entire value chain, offering quality, reliability, innovation, and competitiveness.


  • Material Protection
  • Engraving
  • Printing
  • Cutting


  • Research of High-Quality Materials
  • Personalization of Products
  • Operational Versatility
  • Co-Creation
  • Experience