About Us

Prada Plates, since 1884

Prada was born in 1884 by the hand of Cavaliere Agostino Prada, and was firstly located in Corso Torino, Genoa, employing about thirty employees including the “incisive masters”. With the sole help of a hammer and burin, the masters finely engraved the metal and rubber stamps intended for the “scagni”, stands in the Genoese dialect, near the port and the brass plaques that distinguished the most popular residences in Genoa.

Genoa has a great naval history behind it.
The link between Prada and the maritime industry was born at the beginning of the 20th century, in the historical period of the ocean liners; that of long journeys to America.
Prada with its Artisans participates in the construction of some of the most beautiful and luxurious ocean liners of the time; including Il Rex and Michelangelo, together with the highest excellences of Italian art, craftsmanship, and design of those years.
An important story that continues today.
Currently, being part of the Caim Group, we supply and serve our customers all over the world, through the group’s hubs in Europe, America, and Asia.

What We Offer

Over the years, Prada Plates has expanded its processes from screen printing to digital. From pantograph to numerical cutting to laser cutting, Prada Plates still offers various services to meet different requests.
While maintaining a “familiar” cut, we serve large customers and devote the same attention to the “little ones”, taking care of all products, from design to finishing with great precision and attention to detail.