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marine signage


marine signage


Prada, since 1884

Prada, since 1884

Prada can deal with any kind of signaling, identification, and functioning problem, and it is well-known for manufacturing quality, creativity, and customized solutions.

We can perform different techniques, such as CNC milling cut, laser cut, chemical etching, silkscreen print, high-quality UV digital print, serial number plates, steel plates, control and synoptic panels, resin-coated labels, passivation, anodizing, painting, powder painting, vehicle customization and much more.

The main sector we work for is the marine industry, to which we can provide certified IMO signs and all kinds of signage – directional, safety, pax, evacuation, fire prevention, design, illuminated, and photoluminescent signs. Prada is your partner in creating the sign that best suits your wants and needs, from the raw material to the final product.

We are now part of Caim Group, and through its various hubs in Italy, Europe, America, and Asia, we can supply products and provide services to our customers, globally.


We print on different materials, adopting various techniques, from the traditional to the most modern and technological.


We guarantee a longer service life of the finished product with engraving, as the engraved writings will always be legible.


We perform the cutting of different materials with advanced techniques that allow the release of satisfactory products in relation to customer requests.

Material Protection

We offer services aimed at protecting materials through advanced techniques that guarantee the durability of the products.

Feasibility Survey and Planning

Prada can create, from a simple survey or even simply from the customers’ specifications, a whole project to satisfy the shipowner’s needs. Producing a high-quality signage books for customers’ validation, our highly trained staff can suggest valuable solutions to provide an authentic “personal touch” to any project.
During these phases, we can study the material choice and efficient solutions to obtain the best and most cost-effective solution.


Prada can produce signs of any form, size, and material, which can be, if required, combined with illumination. The company has operational versatility that allows the creation of in-house products, thanks to the variety of machines and numerous manufacturers.
Prada constantly researches excellent materials, ensuring that they respond positively to treatments. The company provides different types of handmade and mechanical processing on all kinds of materials to offer a turnkey product, combining their typical craftsmanship known from 1884 with the latest technology.


We are located in Genoa, the biggest port in Italy and one of the most important ports in Europe.
Furthermore, being part of Caim Group, we can deliver products to any harbor as the group serves more than 1,900 vessels daily, worldwide. The group’s hubs are located in Europe, America, and Asia.

Installation and After Sale

We have a team of highly trained technicians who are able to install the products on all construction sites, shipyards and onboard, also during the navigation. We can intervene in any situation, on land and onboard.
Our team follows all safety measurements and has all required certifications. We grant an after-sale dedicated support and always strive to keep a long-lasting relationship with our customers.